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Water Innovation Challenge Project

Sensorex is happy to announce the partnership on an exciting project with Pima County’s Southwest Water Campus team to demonstrate potable reuse throughout Arizona. The Pima County Southwest team won the $250,000 New Arizona Prize: Water Innovation Challenge to achieve its plan, which involves brewing beer using reclaimed water. To do this they have constructed a mobile potable reuse treatment facility to travel to several cities and towns throughout Arizona to better inform the public about reclaimed water. The water treatment facilities for each jurisdiction would then partner with local breweries to see who can create the best tasting beer using reclaimed water, which will culminate in a winning brewery being selected on November 3rd.

Pima County SWC:

“With increasing demands placed on existing water supplies, potable reuse requires exploration. Our solution culminates the efforts of the Steering Committee on Arizona Potable Reuse (SCAPR) and ADEQ’s current regulatory review by establishing a mobile, performance based reference facility that is desperately needed for addressing public perception and demonstrating the protection of public health. If potable reuse is done incorrectly, even just once, it could set back regulation and public confidence for years to come. Our solution will ensure that it is done right, every time.

Our bold entry will tackle these key issues by launching public discussions about water in every town, city, county, and tribal region throughout Arizona. Our refreshingly unique, educational approach will engage discussion and public acceptance by incorporating local bottlers and brewers through a Pure Water Brew Challenge competition to coincide with the national WaterReuse conference to be held in Phoenix. Please, come join us!”

Sensorex will be providing both a UVT-LED-PW and a UVT-LED-H to be incorporated in the mobile treatment facility for this project. Utilizing the UVT-LED-PW’s patented self-cleaning and calibrating system, the Pima County’s Southwest Water Campus team will be able to monitor UV transmittance in real time with high accuracy and minimal maintenance. The UVT-LED-H, the world’s only true handheld UVT monitor, will also provide a very useful tool for taking sample UVT measurements. The Sensorex UVT-LED sensors are going to be a perfect addition to this project and will help monitor disinfection and disinfection byproducts.

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