Agriculture & Hydroponics

Learn about the concept of hydroponics and building and maintaining hydroponic systems

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Advantages of Hydroponics

Hydroponics is a rapidly growing trend in the United States and around the world. Growing plants hydroponically means using water as the growth medium as opposed to soil. Growing plants hydroponically in nutrient solution has several key advantages:

Grow plants anywhere you can set up a hydroponic system (including indoors)

Requires 20x less water and 20% less space than soil based growing

Water can be recycled through the system, allowing conservation

Cultivate a sterile environment, without the need for pesticides

Agriculture & Hydroponics

Sensorex offers sensors for water quality and nutrient strength.

Whether you are home hobbyist, commercial grower, or a systems manufacturer Sensorex has what you need.

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pH2000 – pH Sensor, Laboratory, Extended Life

Applications such as environmental and wastewater sampling involve some uncertainty about what samples may contain. When dealing with unknown or unpredictable sample…

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S272CD – Process pH Sensor

The S272CD online process pH sensor delivers reliable online monitoring for in-line or submersion installation configuration. This sensor is designed…

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CS150 – Graphite Contacting Conductivity Sensor, 12 mm

Used for Laboratory and Light Industrial Applications: Cells are made from graphite to provide good performance for the value. Choose…

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pH6000 – Process pH Sensor, Light Duty

The pH6000 is a light duty pH probe for continuous monitoring of surface water and ground water, including environmental and…

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S8300 – Modular pH Sensors for In-line

In heavily contaminated wastewater or chemical processing applications, an inline pH probe typically wears out fast. Constantly replacing an inline pH…

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TX20 – pH and ORP Controller

Our TX20 Automatic pH Controller is a convenient and cost effective solution for monitoring and maintaining  pH and ORP. This controller…

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CX20 – Conductivity Controller

The CX20 conductivity / EC controller is a convenient and cost effective solution for monitoring and maintaining conductivity. Save space…

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