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The Benefits Behind Biofiltration for a Wastewater Treatment Plant

When you work in a wastewater treatment plant, it's important that you select a system that will remove nearly all contaminants from the wastewater before it's sent into the environment or reused. In the event that the wastewater that's sent to your plant contains high organic concentrations, you should consider using a biological wastewater solution [...]

2021-06-14T20:42:06-07:00By |Wastewater|

Understanding pH Neutralization of Wastewater

Before industrial manufacturing facilities are able to discharge the wastewater that they produce during standard business processes, these facilities are required to treat the wastewater. By treating this wastewater before it's sent into oceans, lakes, streams, and sewer systems, it's guaranteed that most of the contaminants within the water will be removed before the water [...]

2021-06-07T21:04:46-07:00By |pH|

Groundwater vs. Surface Water – What’s the Difference?

There are a couple of different types of water that are able to meet the water supply needs that a community has, which include surface water and groundwater. Surface water includes any freshwater that's sent into wetlands, stream systems, and lakes. On the other hand, groundwater exists in subterranean aquifers that are situated underground. Most [...]

2021-05-31T21:13:28-07:00By |Environmental|

Choosing Aeration in Wastewater Treatment Applications

In order for wastewater to be reused for irrigation or to supply drinking water, it must first be treated at a wastewater treatment facility. Once the wastewater reaches this facility, there is a range of different treatments that can be used to get rid of the contaminants that are contained in the water. One of [...]

2021-05-24T20:41:21-07:00By |Wastewater|

Electroplating: The Process & Uses in Liquid Analysis Explained

Electroplating is a process that occurs when the surface layer of one type of metal is added to another kind of metal. Also known as electrodeposition, this process is used to ensure that the metal base isn't subjected to rust and corrosion. The thin layer of metal that's positioned on top of another metal can [...]

2021-05-17T21:03:05-07:00By |Electroplating|

The Impact of Ballast Water on the Water Industry

When you operate a ship of any kind, you may be tasked with handling ballast water before your ship can set off. Ballast water is integral to the safe and secure operation of ships. This type of water helps to adjust the weight of a vessel to ensure that it can float properly and remain [...]

2021-05-10T20:45:20-07:00By |Industrial Wastewater|

Managing a Boiler Blowdown Control System

Whether you work in a food processing plant or manufacturing facility, it's likely that you use a boiler in your day-to-day operations. Boilers work by heating water until the water evaporates into steam. When you use a boiler in your facility, it's important to understand that the system must be well-maintained if you want it [...]

2021-05-03T20:29:49-07:00By |Agriculture and Farming|

Ensuring a Safe Environment for Transporting Fish & Marine Life

When you're moving to a new location, organizing every facet of the move is almost assuredly going to be time-consuming. If you have any pets, factoring these animals into your move is another thing that you'll need to contend with. While moving a dog or cat to a new location is relatively simple and straightforward, [...]

2021-04-26T18:46:37-07:00By |Aquaculture|

Water Heater Safety Tips for Water Heater Longevity & Security

Whether you work in an industrial setting or are having a new home constructed, there are several methods that can be used to deliver hot water to the building. For a home, hot water is important for a wide array of activities, which include washing dishes, taking showers, doing laundry, and cooking. One system that [...]

2021-04-19T19:59:56-07:00By |Environmental|

Are UV LED Lamps the Future for Water Disinfection?

Whether you want to disinfect drinking water or need to outfit a municipal system with equipment that can effectively disinfect the water, there is a range of different technologies that can be used for water disinfection purposes. Among the more modern technologies is ultraviolet disinfection, which can take place with the use of UV LED [...]

2021-04-12T20:09:33-07:00By |Industrial Water Treatment|