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Understanding the Science Behind Turbidity Sensors and How they Work

Turbidity is intrinsically linked to the quality of water. It measures the overall clarity of water by looking at how much light scatters when it hits the surface of a water sample. If the light scatters significantly, this indicates that the water has high turbidity. Some of the materials that can cause high turbidity include [...]

2021-09-13T20:37:22-07:00By |Industrial Water Treatment|

Are UV LED Lamps the Future for Water Disinfection?

Whether you want to disinfect drinking water or need to outfit a municipal system with equipment that can effectively disinfect the water, there is a range of different technologies that can be used for water disinfection purposes. Among the more modern technologies is ultraviolet disinfection, which can take place with the use of UV LED [...]

2021-04-12T20:09:33-07:00By |Industrial Water Treatment|

The Value of Chlorine Dioxide as a Disinfectant

If you work in an industry that requires water treatment for any number of processes and applications, it's important to understand the various chemicals and solutions that can be used for water treatment purposes. One of the most important chemicals for water treatment is chlorine dioxide, which can be used as a disinfectant. Chlorine dioxide [...]

2021-03-22T19:37:35-07:00By |Industrial Water Treatment|

What are Toroidal Conductivity Sensors and How Do They Work?

While there are many distinct methods that can be used to identify the concentration of contaminants in water, two of the more distinct options include regular conductivity and toroidal conductivity. In general, conductivity involves measuring how effectively water is able to conduct electricity. Toroidal conductivity consists of a reception coil and a transmission coil, which [...]

2021-02-22T16:46:36-08:00By |Industrial Water Treatment|

The Importance of Dissolved Oxygen in Water and Water Systems

A key component of water is the amount of dissolved oxygen that's in the water, which plays an important role in everything from the quality of water to the livelihood of plants and animals. Dissolved oxygen refers to the total amount of oxygen currently present in the water. Bodies of water obtain oxygen from two [...]

2020-11-17T11:13:33-08:00By |Industrial Water Treatment|

What is a Cooling Tower Water Treatment?

If you use a cooling tower within your industrial facility, you will likely need to pair it with a water treatment system, of which there are many different types. The presence of a water treatment system allows for more efficient processes in the cooling tower as well as a longer lifespan for equipment. The problems [...]

2020-09-21T23:08:50-07:00By |Industrial Water Treatment|

Measuring PH Levels in Water with a PH Test Kit

Whenever you're attempting to determine the quality of water in your home or an industrial setting, likely the most effective measurement to take is the pH of the water, which indicates whether the water is acidic or alkaline. When water has a pH value of seven, this means that the water is neutral. Lower values [...]

2020-08-31T18:59:42-07:00By |Industrial Water Treatment|

Exploring the Different Types and Applications Water Flow Meters

When you need to measure the flow of water in a plant or industrial facility, you can do so by using a water flow meter. A water flow meter is a type of instrument that's used to accurately measure the amount of water that is flowing through a pipe, which allows you to ascertain the [...]

2020-07-27T22:40:12-07:00By |Industrial Water Treatment|

The Ultimate Guide to Industrial Water Filtration Systems

The quality of the water in your industrial facility can be essential towards making sure that your facility is able to operate efficiently. To be certain that the water you use is always free from impurities, it's highly recommended that you install an industrial water filtration system into the facility. Water filtration systems are designed [...]

2020-07-21T10:07:53-07:00By |Industrial Water Treatment|

A Quick Guide to Understand Industrial Water Pumps

When you work in an industrial facility, one important piece of equipment that may need to be installed in your building is an industrial water pump. These pumps are designed to work harder than standard water pumps, which makes them ideal for industrial settings. They are also made to handle water as well as a [...]

2020-07-07T09:25:41-07:00By |Industrial Water Treatment|