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Water Reuse for Papermaking White Water

In the papermaking process, 99% of water is removed from paper pulp slurry to reveal the 1% of material that comprises paper. As such, the process is extremely water intensive; however, there is a large potential for water reuse. Maximizing reuse of the waste water—termed white water—serves both economical and environmental bottom lines. With only [...]

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A Smart Alternative to Benchtop pH Meters for Education

Teaching pH in Schools and Colleges Chemistry is an important subject taught at schools, colleges and universities all around the world. One component of chemistry that is vitally important is pH — one of the key properties of any substance, which has widespread implications in industrial, pharmaceutical, and other commercial applications, such as food [...]

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How to Monitor Aquarium Water pH and Other Water Quality Parameters

The Importance of Aquarium Water Quality Like all organisms, the fish and aquatic plants in your aquarium rely on highly specific environments in order to survive. These essential conditions vary from species to species and depend on the environment in which they evolved. Aquarium Water pH pH measures the acidity or alkalinity of water. [...]

How to Choose the Best pH Sensor: Laboratory Style Sensors

You want a sensor that will provide the best measurement accuracy with the maximum lifetime, but the number of different laboratory pH sensors out there can be overwhelming. Before making a laboratory pH sensor purchase it is crucial to have an understanding of your application and the conditions the sensor will endure while in use. Based on this knowledge you can make a decision on what features are required.