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How to Remove Chlorine From Water

Whether you're drinking water or swimming in your pool, you may be wary of having too much chlorine in the water. While chlorine is known to be beneficial for disinfectant purposes in pools and drinking water, there are several dangers that you should be aware of when it comes to having too much exposure to [...]

2020-06-09T10:02:36-07:00By |Swimming Pool & Spa|

Keep your Pool Cool This Summer with a Pool Aerator

For many homeowners, swimming in their pool during the summer is a great way to keep cool. However, finding a way to keep your pool cool during the summer can be difficult if you're unsure of what to do. If you want to make sure that the water in your pool remains cool at all [...]

2020-05-19T09:47:37-07:00By |Swimming Pool & Spa|

Raising Alkalinity Levels in Your Home Pool

Maintaining the right balance of water chemistry in your home pool is essential if you want the water to remain healthy and free from contaminants. The best method for measuring the water balance of a pool is to look at the current pH, which can tell you how acidic or alkaline the water is. While [...]

2020-04-28T09:18:43-07:00By |Swimming Pool & Spa|

The 7 Best Salt Water Pool Shock to Purchase [2020]

Pool shock is an important chemical solution that's necessary for the treatment of pool water. This type of treatment adds an oxidant to the water that's able to eliminate electrons that are found in such contaminants as algae and bacteria. When you want to purify and disinfect your pool water, shocking it is an effective [...]

2020-04-14T11:19:34-07:00By |Swimming Pool & Spa|

How to Safely Add Muriatic Acid To Your Pool

Muriatic acid is a somewhat diluted version of hydrochloric acid. As with most other forms of acid, muriatic acid is highly corrosive, which means that you need to be very careful whenever you use it. If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, muriatic acid can be integral towards making sure that the proper [...]

2020-05-04T11:30:31-07:00By |Swimming Pool & Spa|

Salt Water Pool vs. Chlorine Pool: Pros, Cons, Comparisons

If you're in the market for a new pool, there's a lot that you'll need to consider when choosing a type of pool. The two main pool systems that you can select from include a salt water pool and a chlorine pool. The main difference with these pool types involves the amount of maintenance and [...]

2020-03-31T12:05:11-07:00By |Swimming Pool & Spa|

How to Identify, Treat, and Prevent Pool Algae

Algae is a unique plant form that's comprised of a single cell. It uses the process of photosynthesis to create its own food, which means that it can continue to grow and develop solely by having access to sunlight. Because of how tiny these plants can be, you won't notice them in your pool until [...]

2020-01-27T14:45:47-08:00By |Swimming Pool & Spa|

What is Salinity and How Is It Measured?

Salinity refers to the saltiness of a body of water. For instance, the ocean has high salinity. Salt can be introduced to water in one of three ways, which include natural salinity, secondary salinity, and tertiary salinity. Understanding the salinity of water is important when you want to maintain the right chemistry in a body [...]

2020-01-27T14:45:48-08:00By |Swimming Pool & Spa|

Using the Best Pool Shock Chemical

A pool shock treatment occurs when an oxidant is introduced to the water in a pool, which helps to get rid of electrons in many different contaminants. When electrons are directly removed from contaminants in pool water, all pathogens, algae, and chloramines within the water are destroyed, which ensures that the pool water is effectively [...]

2020-01-27T14:45:49-08:00By |Swimming Pool & Spa|