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Using the Best Pool Shock Chemical

A pool shock treatment occurs when an oxidant is introduced to the water in a pool, which helps to get rid of electrons in many different contaminants. When electrons are directly removed from contaminants in pool water, all pathogens, algae, and chloramines within the water are destroyed, which ensures that the pool water is effectively [...]

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4 Ways to Monitor Pool Water Quality

From commercial pool chemical monitoring systems to DIY test kits, there are plenty of pool monitoring solutions available. Choosing the best swimming pool monitoring system is a matter of your specific needs. If you are monitoring a commercial swimming pool or aquatic center that requires regular maintenance, you should opt for an automatic pool chemical monitoring set up. If you are just trying to keep your pool clean at home, then you might be able to get by with something simpler.

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4 Common Pool Monitoring Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

At Sensorex, we’ve been helping pool owners and operators keep their water safe and clean for a long time. When it comes to pool water monitoring systems, we’ve seen it all. But there are a few pesky mistakes that we see time and again. Avoiding these pitfalls is often easy, and it can save you [...]

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Why did the Olympic diving pool turn green? It probably wasn’t algae.

What's up with the green pool at the Rio 2016 Olympics? The Olympic diving pool was closed Friday morning, after the water turned green. According to a Rio 2016 spokesperson, diving training was cancelled in order to accommodate cleaning efforts to return the pool to its normal blue color. The pool water first turned [...]

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What You Need to Know About Pool Water Monitoring

Swimming pools endure a lot of contamination, especially during the summer months. Bathers introduce contaminants like sweat, dirt, oils, and sunscreen into pool water. Other contaminants come from the surrounding environment such as leaves and insects. Contaminants reduce pool water quality. They can cause unpleasant odors and discoloration. Some contaminants like pathogenic bacteria can even cause illness and irritation. It is important to remove contaminants whenever possible through the use of chlorine and filtration.

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