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The Importance of Dissolved Oxygen in Water and Water Systems

A key component of water is the amount of dissolved oxygen that's in the water, which plays an important role in everything from the quality of water to the livelihood of plants and animals. Dissolved oxygen refers to the total amount of oxygen currently present in the water. Bodies of water obtain oxygen from two [...]

2020-11-17T11:13:33-08:00By |Industrial Water Treatment|

Testing Dissolved Oxygen in Beer for Commercial Breweries

An important component of managing a commercial brewery is maintaining the right amount of dissolved oxygen for fermentation. Dissolved oxygen is the amount of oxygen that has been dissolved in the water. While fish and other organisms require dissolved oxygen to survive, measuring this kind of oxygen in the water is also important for a [...]

2020-06-23T11:03:25-07:00By |Food & Beverage|

Operating Dissolved Oxygen Probes in Bioreactors and Cell Culture

Dissolved oxygen refers to the amount of oxygen that has been dissolved into a water source, which could be anything from the ocean to a bioreactor. Whether your company handles the transport of live fish or is involved in wastewater treatment, it's essential that you measure and keep track of the amount of dissolved oxygen [...]

2020-01-27T14:45:55-08:00By |Industrial Water Treatment|

Dissolved Oxygen Sensors: A Critical Measurement for Aquatic Environment Health

Aquatic environment health is an essential component of making sure that all forms of life within the water remain healthy. Fish, bacteria, plants, and invertebrates all require a healthy aquatic environment in order to live and thrive. The best way to protect and take care of the aquatic environment is to monitor the dissolved oxygen [...]

2020-01-27T14:45:56-08:00By |Aquaculture|