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Wastewater Chlorination: Everything You Need To Know

Whenever you do laundry or take a bath, the water that's created from these everyday processes is referred to as wastewater. Residential wastewater is commonly generated through processes like washing dishes and flushing toilets. As for commercial wastewater, it can be generated from the processes that occur at auto repair shops, beauty salons, furniture refinishing [...]

2021-07-26T22:56:28-07:00By |Wastewater|

The Benefits Behind Biofiltration for a Wastewater Treatment Plant

When you work in a wastewater treatment plant, it's important that you select a system that will remove nearly all contaminants from the wastewater before it's sent into the environment or reused. In the event that the wastewater that's sent to your plant contains high organic concentrations, you should consider using a biological wastewater solution [...]

2021-06-14T20:42:06-07:00By |Wastewater|

Cleaning and Maintaining a Septic Tank

A septic tank is a large container that's buried underground and is used for the purpose of treating wastewater that flows out from a home. These tanks are typically made from fiberglass, plastic, or concrete. Over a period of time, sludge and scum layers will build up within the tank at a rate that's faster [...]

2020-10-26T18:05:28-07:00By |Wastewater|

Aeration Systems for Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater aeration is a process that occurs when air is added directly to wastewater, which allows for aerobic bio-degradation of any pollutants contained within. Aeration is an essential component of treating wastewater. The main benefit of using aeration is that it's a natural method of getting rid of pollutants in the water. The chemicals that [...]

2020-02-25T08:39:30-08:00By |Wastewater|