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Water Softener Regeneration: Process & Timing

When water contains high levels of mineral content, it's referred to as hard water. It's common for water hardness to occur when a substantial amount of dissolved magnesium and calcium have contaminated the water. If you live in an apartment or home that doesn't contain some kind of water softener, you may notice hard water [...]

2021-07-05T20:29:10-07:00By |Aquaculture|

How Does a Water Softener Work and Do I Need One for my Home?

When you're looking to filter the water that's sent through your home, one whole-house water filtration method available to you is the use of a water softener. This type of system is able to remove the kinds of minerals that cause water hardness to occur. Water hardness is a common and severe problem that can [...]

2020-10-05T22:30:59-07:00By |Drinking Water|