Chlorine Sensor Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting guide for Chlorine Sensor, Sanitizer Sensor, Possible Cause, and Corrective Action. If you can’t find what your’re looking for, please Contact Us.



Sanitizer Sensor Possible Cause Corrective Action
Output high vs DPD a) Sensor run in not long enough
b) Membrane damaged
c) Interference
d) pH value under 5.5
e) DPD chemical are off
f) Temperature change since calibration
a) Allow sensor 24 hours to run in and re-test
b) Replace membrane cap
c) Check cross sensitivity in specs
d) Raise pH above 5.5
e) Try fresh DPD chemicals
f) Calibrate at use temperature
Output is low vs. DPD a) Sensor run in not long enough
b) Deposits on membrane cap
c) Flow rate too low
d) Air bubbles trapped on membrane
e) Surfactants in water
f) pH above 8.5
g) Low electrolyte in sensor
h) Temperature change since calibration
i) Organic chlorinating agents in water
a) Allow sensor 24 hours to run in re-test
b) Remove deposits or replace cap
c) Increase flow rate
d) Tap sensor or re-install
e) Remove surfactants and replace cap
f) Lower pH below 8.5
g) Fill sensor with electrolyte
h) Calibrate at use temperature
i) Use chlorinating agents per DIN std 19643
Unstable or drifting reading a) Bubbles in electrode or flow cell
b) Flow rate too low or high
a) Ensure no bubbles are trapped on membrane by tapping sensor or flow cell
b) Ensure flow is contant within specified range
Sensor has no output a) Power supply requirements
b) Membrane damaged
c) Loop connections
a) Ensure PS voltage correct
b) Replace cap
c) Check wiring loop to instrument and power source