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Food & Beverage Water Treatment

Water is critical for many processes in the food and beverage industry. Water is not only a key ingredient in most food and beverage products, but it is also used for cleaning or rinsing products, sanitizing equipment, cooling systems, and packaging products. In order to ensure food safety and comply with regulations, ingredient water and wash water must be treated to meet high standards. Cooling water should be treated to ensure cooling system efficiency and prevent operational stresses such as scale or fouling. Wastewater produced by food and beverage production facilities may need to be treated before it is discharged to the municipal sewage system. Water treatment processes help food and beverage companies ensure regulatory compliance, promote quality control, protect brand reputation, and decrease operating costs.

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Food & Beverage Water Treatment Applications

Water quality sensors and instrumentation from Sensorex are used in a range of food and beverage water treatment applications. Our customers include manufacturers of produce washing systems, system integrators serving the food and beverage industry, and even beverage production facilities. Select an application to learn about key water quality measurements and relevant sensors and instrumentation:

Produce Washing


Sugar Refining

Beverage Bottling Line Disinfection

Food & Beverage Water Treatment Sensors

Sensorex offers a range of standard sensors and instruments for monitoring water quality in the food and beverage industry. One of our most popular standard products is the S8000 modular pH and ORP sensor system. The S8000 series features replaceable sensor cartridges that can be swapped out quickly and cost effectively. This makes them a great choice for applications where the pH glass experiences coating or develops a film when exposed to a process. The S8000 series is compatible with our EM802 blind microtransmitter module, a highly cost effective 4-20mA transmitter that also saves valuable panel space. Like our S8000 series, our CS8000 modular conductivity sensors feature cartridges for easy maintenance and low total cost of ownership.

Custom Water Quality Sensors for the Food & Beverage Industry
With over 40 years of experience manufacturing water quality sensors, Sensorex can design custom sensors for food and beverage water treatment systems. We have helped our OEM partners find the best electrochemical sensor technologies to integrate into their water treatment products. If you are designing a new water treatment product for the food and beverage industry, we can deliver sensors that will perform reliably and integrate seamlessly into your products.

Sensors for Food & Beverage Applications

Sensorex has a broad range of sensors and other products for ensuring clean water in Food & Beverage applications.

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