What are heavy industrial contacting conductivity sensors?

This classification of sensors is used for heavy-duty applications that require extremely high temperature and pressures. These applications typically include boilers, chemical refining, and oil & gas. These sensors are typically made of a single body 316 stainless steel.

Heavy Industrial Contacting Conductivity Sensors

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Industry Examples

Our Heavy Industrial Contacting Conductivity Sensors are commonly found in these Industries

Information Table

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CS650 Stainless Steel Contacting Conductivity Sensor

CS675 High-Temp & Pressure Stainless Steel Contacting Conductivity Sensor

CS700 High Performance Stainless Steel Contacting Conductivity Sensor

Ideal for:

Cooling towers and low temperature

Heavy duty applications

Ultra-pure water applications

Cell constants:

Two options for cell constants: 0.1 cm-1 and 1.0 cm-1

Two options for cell constants: 0.1cm-1 and 1.0cm-1

Three options for cell constants: 0.01 cm-1, 0.1 cm-1 and 1.0 cm-1

More info:

Robust single-body design

Three options for increasing temperature and pressure ratings

High accuracy and repeatability

Conductivity Calibration Solutions

  • conductivity calibration solution
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  • pH Sensor Mounting Gland (3/4")
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CS675 High Temp & Pressure Stainless Steel Conductivity Sensor

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