Ion Selective Electrodes (ISEs)

What is an Ion Selective Electrode (ISE)?

Ion Selective Electrode (ISEs) is a sensor that measures the  activity of a specific ion dissolved in a solution into an electrical potential. The voltage is dependent on the logarithm of the ionic activity, which is based on the Nernst equation. The ion-selective electrodes are used in analytical chemistry and biochemical/biophysical research, where measurements of ionic concentration in a liquid solution are required.

Which parameters can I measure with an ISE electrode?

Sensorex offers Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE’s) for:

  • Fluoride (F-)
  • Chloride (Cl-)
  • Ammonium (NH4+)
  • Postassium (K+)
  • Nitrate (NO3-)

Sensorex ISE electrodes feature a combination electrode design to measure ion concentration in ppm. Depending on your application needs, you may select either the fixed cable style or detachable cartridge style. The detachable cartridge style electrodes are recommended for process applications, because they are easy to maintain or replace.

ion selective electrode

IS200 Series – Laboratory

  • Combination ISE electrodes for laboratory applications
  • Fixed cable
  • Durable epoxy body

IS222 Series – Process

  • ISE electrode cartridges for process applications
  • Easily detachable for quick maintenance or replacements
  • Designed for use with S653 cable assembly


ParameterApplicationPart Number
Ammonium (NH4+)LabIS200CD-NH4
Ammonium (NH4+)ProcessIS222CD-NH4
Chloride (Cl-)LabIS200CD-CL
Chloride (Cl-)ProcessIS222CD-CL
Potassium (K+)LabIS200CD-K
Potassium (K+)ProcessIS222CD-K
Fluoride (F-)LabIS200CD-F
Fluoride (F-)ProcessIS222CD-F
Nitrate (NO3-)LabIS200-NO3
Nitrate (NO3-)ProcessIS222CD-NO3