OEM pH sensor Bring Your Challenges. For over forty years, Sensorex has been the preeminent supplier of products to measure and monitor the quality of water. We offer a full range of standard sensors, and possess the capabilities to design and manufacture water quality sensors to meet even the most stringent customer requirements. GET STARTED ➔

How We Work With You

Full Service Design & Manufacturing

Partner with a sales engineer and team of product engineers to design and source a sensor that meets your system requirements. We work with you to understand your application, develop concepts, and ship prototypes before finalizing a design for production.

Original Equipment Manufacturing

Sensorex is a trusted manufacturing partner for water quality sensor companies worldwide. Our OEM partners trust Sensorex to manufacture their products to the same specifications and quality standards that they themselves would strive for.

Private Label Standard Products

OEM partners may choose to private label products from among our standard pH, ORP, conductivity, and other sensor product lines. Browse our website to learn about standard products or check out our corporate brochure.

Sensorex is trusted by industry market leaders for water quality monitoring needs.


Custom Engineering

Our experienced team of engineers, chemists, and application experts can design sensors and systems to meet your requirements.

Rapid Delivery

We continue to exceed expectations with lightning fast delivery. Contact us to find out how Sensorex can help you meet your inventory and delivery goals. 

Industry Leading Support 

Struggling to get the application support you need? We support our customers with individualized technical assistance and quick follow through. Get the help you need when you need it.

Consistent Quality

Measurement technologies aren’t our only innovations. We’ve developed automated manufacturing processes to deliver products that consistently meet specifications. 


Complete our OEM Inquiry Form to get the ball rolling. Our team of Applications Engineers will review your submission and be in contact with you shortly.

  • semiconductor wastewater treatment
    Produce ultra-pure water and process wastewater to meet demanding environmental regulations
  • pH probes for wastewater treatment
    Municipal Wastewater
    Our sensors & instruments optimize wastewater treatment process while minimizing chemical and energy operating expenses
  • vegetable washing systems
    Produce Washing
    Our sensors tightly control the mixing of sanitizing chemicals for fruit and vegetable disinfection
  • cooling tower water treatment
    Cooling Tower
    Measure critical water quality parameters to minimize cooling tower corrosion and scaling
  • commercial brewing operation
    Flavor is critical. Our suite of online and laboratory sensors help maximize product water quality for consistent taste
  • laboratory ph electrodes
    Laboratory, Education & Scientific
    Our portfolio of research-grade sensors provide accurate measurements for quality control & laboratory analysis
  • Swimming pool water treatment
    Commercial Aquatics
    Ensure proper disinfection for safety in swimming pools and spas
  • pH sensor manufacturer
    Boiler Feed
    Reliable online sensors ensure boiler feed water and blow downs protect against scaling and damage
  • environmental water sensors
    Environmental Monitoring
    Our sensors generate information to help protect the World's water supplies
  • water treatment sensors
    Municipal Water
    Deliver high-quality drinking water through continuous monitoring and control of critical water quality parameters
  • ballast water treatment
    Ensure filtration & disinfection of ballast water meets environmental regulations through accurate water quality monitoring
  • oil gas wastewater treatment
    Oil & Gas
    Reduce environmental impact and ensure regulatory compliance with reliable water quality monitoring products
  • pH sensors for beverage bottling
    Beverage Bottling
    Control water pre-treatment of plant influent for optimal product quality and safety
  • Hydroponics water tester
    Control critical parameters essential to plant growth and health
  • aquaculture dissolved oxygen probes
    Our sensors optimize seafood farming and protect crops with proper aeration control