Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)

What is ORP?

Oxidation reduction potential (ORP), also known as REDOX, is a measurement that reflects the ability of a molecule to oxidize or reduce another molecule:

  • Oxidation is the loss of electrons, so oxidizers accept electrons from other molecules
  • Reduction is the gain of electrons, so reducers donate electrons to other molecules

Oxidation reduction potential is measured as a single voltage in millivolts (mV). Oxidizers have a positive ORP value, while reducers have a negative ORP value.

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How is ORP Measured?

ORP is measured using an electrochemical sensor called an ORP or REDOX sensor. Similar to to pH sensors, the most common type of ORP sensor is a combination sensor with a measuring electrode and a reference electrode. The measuring cell, typically a noble metal like platinum or gold, detects changes in REDOX potential, while the reference provides a stable comparison signal.

Like a pH measurement, an ORP measurement is not a direct indicator of concentration, but rather an indicator of activity. However, in solutions with one active species, like pool water containing chlorine, ORP correlates to concentration.


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