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  • The UVT-LED-SW Online UV Transmittance Sensor provides reliable UVT measurements for UV disinfection optimization. Ideal for continuous monitoring of open channel wastewater UV disinfection, the UVT-LED-SW features an LED light source that lasts up to 5x longer than traditional mercury lamps. Our patented automatic cleaning and calibration system reduces fouling and drift, so technicians don't have to waste time servicing the units daily. Available with inline or submersion installation kits (see "What's Included" below). Perfect for first time installs or retrofits of existing UV disinfection monitoring systems.
    • Reliable continuous monitoring with patented automatic cleaning & calibration
    • Stable measurements driven by high-performance UV-C LED technology
    • Direct 4-20mA output (no transmitter or controller required)
    • Inline OR submersion installation available
    • Free factory scheduled maintenance for the first year
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  • replacement probe for BNC meter
    When accuracy and repeatability are critical, such as in pharmaceutical or drinking water applications, the ideal electrode will quickly deliver stable measurements. The pH3000 is specially designed to respond quickly and accurately to rapid temperature changes. The high sensitivity internals also make these sensors the best choice for low ionic samples. The double junction reference design prevents contamination, allowing pH testing in samples containing heavy metals, proteins and enzymes, or TRIS buffer.
    • High sensitivity internals for temperature responsive measurements
    • Refillable reference for maximum measurement repeatability
    • Double junction design prevents reference contamination
    • Durable Ultem® body
    • Reinforced meter and cable connections
    • Removable pH glass guard
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  • pH measurement kit
    The new SensoLab Series benchtop pH Meter package is the perfect solution for a range of applications from instructional chemistry laboratories to quality control testing. Our ready-to-use kit contains everything you need to get an experiment started: Our waterproof pH and ORP meter helpfully prompts you through the calibration and measurement procedures, and our color-coded 7.00, 4.01, and 10.01 pH buffer solutions ensure accurate calibration every time. The meter also includes the optional AUTOLOCK feature to ensure repeatable and reliable pH and mV measurements. This versatile meter can be powered in two ways, either with 6 AAA batteries to save your valuable bench space or with an AC power cable.
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  • optical dissolved oxygen sensor

    Now Available with MODBUS/RS485 Interface & optional Titanium body

    The Lumin-S optical dissolved oxygen sensor delivers reliable DO measurements over a long operating life. There are no membranes to replace, no electrolyte solutions to replenish, and no anodes to clean. Maintaining the sensor is as easy as replacing the optical sensing cap once every 1-2 years, and since all calibration data is stored on the cap, there’s no need to calibrate. This dissolved oxygen sensor outputs a Modbus/RS-485 digital signal for easy PLC integration.
    • Reliable measurements: Optical sensor technology delivers accurate DO monitoring with no drift and no minimum flow
    • Long operating life with minimal maintenance: No membranes, electrolyte solutions, or anodes - just replace the cap once every 1-2 years
    • No calibration: All calibration data is stored on the cap for quick and easy startup
    • Simple system integration: Use Modbus/RS-485 to integrate with a PLC or other control system
    • One year limited warranty: We stand behind all our products with the Sensorex Guarantee
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  • online process ph sensor

    Now Available with optional 4-20mA or MODBUS/RS485 Interface

    Our S272 series of pH sensors deliver reliable online pH monitoring for in-line or submersion installation configuration. Extended sensor lifetime with double-junction technology. Minimal maintenance required due to flat glass measurement surface. A versatile sensor for moderate and multi-purpose applications.
    • Reliable performance in demanding applications
    • Extended sensor lifetime
    • Optional 4-20mA or MODBUS/RS485 output
    • Input Voltage Options:
      • 12V DC – MODBUS only
      • 24V DC – 4-20mA & MODBUS
    • Versatile design for submersion or in-line mounting
    • One year limited warranty
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  • ORP probe for measuring ORP online
    Moderately contaminated water, such as industrial source water or natural water resources, may contain chemicals and debris that damage ORP probe components. Continuous monitoring in these types of applications requires a durable and low maintenance ORP probe. Our S272 series of ORP probes feature a double junction design to protect the reference cell from contamination by sample components that interact with silver. The flat measurement surface is self-cleaning and resists breakage, for minimal maintenance.
    • Reliable performance in demanding applications
    • Extended sensor lifetime
    • Versatile design for submersion or in-line mounting
    • One year limited warranty
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  • inline pH probe

    S8300 Modular pH Sensor

    In heavily contaminated wastewater or chemical processing applications, an inline pH probe typically wears out fast. Constantly replacing an inline pH probe can feel like a waste of time and money. We created our modular, quick disconnect S8000 sensor packages for these types of heavy duty industrial applications. The sensor can be replaced in a few seconds with no tools or re-wiring required by swapping the S8000CD Quick Change Replacement Cartridge. Reuse the cable assembly and other mounting hardware for a low cost of ownership.
    • Recommended for challenging water and wastewater applications
    • Uses direct 4-20mA analog or MODBUS/RS485 digital output signal to integrate with a PLC or other control system
    • Fast sensor changes with no tools required
    • Reusable cable and mounting hardware
    • Low total cost of ownership
    • One year limited warranty
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