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Sensorex CS200 12 mm Platinum Contacting Conductivity Sensor


Ideal for Laboratory or Light Industrial Process Applications

  • Submersible in tank or mounted inline
  • Made of rugged epoxy body

Accurate Measurements

  • Select from three cell constants based on your measurement range
  • Use temperature compensation for best performance

Compatible with Most Portable & Benchtop Meters

CA ResidentsProp 65 WARNING(S)

*Accuracy and repeatability of the sensor depends on the accuracy of the calibrating electronics

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The CS200 12 mm Platinum Contacting Sensor is ideally suited for laboratory or light industrial process applications. It can be submerged in a tank or mounted inline. It is made of a rugged epoxy body, glass, and black coated platinum. For best performance, we recommend the selection of an appropriate cell constant for you measurement range and the temperature compensation option. This sensor is compatible with most portable and benchtop meters. For more information, see the product specification sheet.

Temperature /Pressure Rating: 0 – 70° C (32 – 158° F)/7.5 bar

Temperature Compensation: Pt1000 or 10K NTC (See ordering information for more details)

Wetted Materials: Epoxy

Measuring Surface: Black Coated Platinum

Cell Constants:

  • 0.1/cm
  • 1/cm
  • 10/cm

See ordering information in product specification sheet for more details.

Sensorex CS200 Product Specification Sheet

Sensorex CS200 Product Manual

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