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Sensorex CS300 Process Graphite Contacting Conductivity Sensor (Formerly Named CS8000)


Ideal for Light Industrial Process Applications

  • Keyed flange ensures proper orientation for best results
  • Temperature compensation ensures optimal performance

Reduce Maintenance Costs

  • Quick-disconnect cable to allow for cables to remain in place
  • Flat measurement surface resists coating
  • Calibrations are even faster when used with Sensorex Electronic Modules

Smart Sensor-Capable via Sensorex Electronic Modules (Sold Separately) 

  • Purchase with EM802-EC Module – sold separately
  • Use with S856 Cable (Option FC)
  • USB Converter for Smart Sensors (S857 – sold separately) recommended for calibration and set-up

For first time installations, select appropriate cable length and purchase FC875/T Flow Cell separately (shown under accessories).


Sensorex’s CS300 Process Graphite Contacting Conductivity Sensor is designed for light industrial process applications (cooling towers). The quick disconnect cable (PN S855) helps reduce maintenance time. The flat measurement surface resists coating.

CA ResidentsProp 65 WARNING(S)

  • Range: k=1.0 +/- 10%
  • Temperature Range: 0-60⁰ C
  • Pressure Range: 0 – 100 PSIG
  • Body Construction: CPVC, Graphite, Viton®
  • Warranty: One year limited warranty

FC875/T Threaded 3/4″ CPVC Flow Cell


The FC875/T Threaded 3/4″ CPVC Flow Cell is used for in-line installation of the S8000CD Self-Cleaning Industrial pH Sensor or...

Calibration Adapter for Modbus Sensors


The Calibration Adapter (PN# S857) is used to calibrate modbus sensors. It threads on to the back of the...


IMPROVED! EM802-EC Blind 4-20mA or MODBUS/RS485 Conductivity Transmitter for S8000 Series


Now Available with optional MODBUS/RS485 Interface

The EM802-EC is our most cost-effective solution for connecting our S8000 series...

Sensorex CS300 Product Specification Sheet

Sensorex CS300 Product Manual


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