SSRE – Smart Sensor Remote Electronics


SSRE - Smart Sensor Remote Electronics

Parameters & Applications

Product Information

Convert Analog Sensors into Smart Sensors

  • Reduce inventory by stocking analog sensors and wire them to remote electronics to output a digital communication signal (4-20 mA or Modbus)
  • Save on costs by only replacing the sensor; keep remote electronics and cabling in place
  • Improve environmental impact by eliminating electronics waste after sensor end of life

Compatible with a Comprehensive Set of Measurements

  • pH/ORP, Contacting Conductivity, Toroidal Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Free Chlorine, and Chlorine Dioxide
  • Simple wiring for each measurement type

Two Versions for Your Ideal Application

  • Interface module for DIN Rail installation
  • Enclosure box for wall or panel mounting

The Sensorex SSRE is used to convert any Sensorex sensor to a smart sensor. It allows for communication in 4-20 mA and modbus. It comes in two variations: (1) DIN rail and (2) UL Enclosure.


  • Operating Temperature Range: 5° – 70° C (41° – 158° F)
    Measuring Range pH : 0-14
    Measuring Range ORP: -1500 to + 1500mV
    Measuring Range Contacting Conductivity

    • k=0.1, 0-1,000uS/cm
    • k=1.0, 0-10,000uS/cm

    Measuring Range, Toroidal Conductivity

    • R1= 0-100,000uS/cm
    • R2= 0-2,000,00uS/cm

    Measuring Range, Dissolved Oxygen

    • R1= 0-100%
    • R2= 0-200%


    • DIN Rail: 2.39″H x 3.54″L x 0.70″W (50.6mm x 89.8mm x 17.8mm)
    • NEMA Enclosed: 5.39″H x 4.30″L x 2.17″W (137mm x 109mm x 55mm)



Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 in
Measurement Type

P – pH, T – Toroidal Conductivity, C – Contacting Conductivity, O – ORP


MA – 4-20 mA, MB – Modbus

Remote Electronics Form Factor

DR – DIN Rail, EN – UL Enclosure

Preparing chemical solutions?

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