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  • conductivity transmitter
    Our CX100 is an isolated output 4-20mA industrial transmitter for reading contacting conductivity sensors. Easily power the unit with available two-wire power supply loop. Ideal for connecting to a PLC for advanced control systems. Versatile mounting options for wall or panel mount.
    • Facilitates easy sensor maintenance with output 'HOLD' function
    • Accurate conductivity / TDS measurements
    • Flexible configurations with 6 selectable conductivity ranges
    • Compatible with a wide variety of contacting conductivity sensors
    • One year limited warranty
    Note: Transmitter is only compatible with sensors with tinned leads and Pt100 RTD temperature compensation. Consider our new CX105 as a great alternative to the CX100.
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  • General-Purpose Sensor for Use in a Variety of Applications
    • Cooling Towers
    • Demin Influent
    Robust Single-Body Design
    • 1/2” NPT Stainless Steel
    • Hexagonal body shape for ease of installation
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  • free chlorine sensor

    Now Available with optional MODBUS/RS485 Interface

    Chlorine exists in different chemical forms in solution, including free chlorine (hypochlorite ion and hypochlorous acid) and combined chlorine. Free chlorine is the only form that can perform disinfection, so knowing free chlorine concentration is critical for applications like water and wastewater treatment. FCL free chlorine sensors from Sensorex provide a direct measurement of free chlorine in parts per million (ppm). Using field tested amperometric technology, our FCL sensors perform continuous monitoring without any additional reagents. With a direct 4-20mA analog or MODBUS/RS485 digital output, the FCL sensors can be used with any PLC or SCADA.
    • Direct free chlorine measurement in parts per million (ppm)
    • No reagents requried
    • Direct 4-20mA output or optional MODBUS/RS485
    Recommended accessories:
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  • dissolved oxygen sensor
    Our DO1200 galvanic dissolved oxygen sensors measure the oxygen content of water using an electrochemical measurement principle. Built in an economical but durable 12mm epoxy body, these sensors are suitable for portable or benchtop use. The DO1200 can also be installed inline for continuous monitoring applications by upgrading to a PTFE membrane cap. The sensor is compatible with our FC75P 3/4 inch in-line fitting for mounting into 3/4 inch FNPT threaded tees.
    • Galvanic (electrochemical) measurement principle
    • Replaceable membrane cap and fill solution
    • 12mm durable epoxy body
    • For benchtop, portable, or inline use
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  • tds meter
    The new SensoLab Series Benchtop Total Dissolved Solids Meter is an easy to use benchtop meter for analyzing conductivity or total dissolved solids in laboratory samples. Monitor data from conductivity sensors in research, hydroponics and greenhouses, aquariums and aquaculture, and more. Ready to use right away, our TDS meter quickly prompts users through the calibration process. Suitable for measurement in a wide range of sample types, the SensoLab Total Dissovled Solids Meter is compatible with sensors across 4 cell constants. With intelligent auto-ranging, the meter automatically selects the best units of conductivity based on the sample type being measured. No experience required.
    • Compatible with Sensorex CS150 conductivity sensors
    • Auto ranging for ease of use
    • Suitable for a range of sample types, cell constants
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  • Sensorex manufactures a quality line of industrial grade conductivity electrodes for use in high temperature boiler control. Sensorex boiler conductivity sensors are constructed from stainless steel bodies and pins (316SS), PEEK insulators and perfluoro elastomer o-rings. These boiler conductivity sensors have 2 each 3/4" male NPT threads. Two models are available. One model incorporates ATC elements (Pt1000Ω RTD or PT100 RTD) and the other does not. Model CS875HTTC includes temperature element while the CS875HT does not, depending upon your application requirements. The CS875HT and CS875HTTC feature a 1" insertion depth beyond the 3/4" MNPT mounting threads. All Sensorex boiler probes are supplied with 6" PTFE coated leads for integral mounting to a Forged Steel Junction Box/ Conduit connection and extension(customer supplied). Cell k value of 1.0 is standard.
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  • The UVT-LED-SW Online UV Transmittance Sensor provides reliable UVT measurements for UV disinfection optimization. Ideal for continuous monitoring of open channel wastewater UV disinfection, the UVT-LED-SW features an LED light source that lasts up to 5x longer than traditional mercury lamps. Our patented automatic cleaning and calibration system reduces fouling and drift, so technicians don't have to waste time servicing the units daily. Available with inline or submersion installation kits (see "What's Included" below). Perfect for first time installs or retrofits of existing UV disinfection monitoring systems.
    • Reliable continuous monitoring with patented automatic cleaning & calibration
    • Stable measurements driven by high-performance UV-C LED technology
    • Direct 4-20mA output (no transmitter or controller required)
    • Inline OR submersion installation available
    • Free factory scheduled maintenance for the first year
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  • Replacement ORP Sensor
    Our ORP8000 series of ORP deliver the most reliable online ORP monitoring in a unique, modular package that minimizes total cost of ownership. These sensor cartridges can be changed in a few seconds with no tools or re-wiring required. Extended sensor lifetime with ERP Reference System.
    • Reliable performance in demanding applications
    • Lightning fast sensor changes with no tools required
    • Extended sensor lifetime
    • All mounting hardware is reuseable. Only replace the quick-change sensor cartridge
    • One year limited warranty
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  • differential pH
    Continuous online pH monitoring in wastewater and coating industrial applications leads to contamination and eventually requires sensors to be replaced. A differential pH sensor utilizes a measurement technique designed to extend the working lifetime of sensors in challenging applications. Replacing the sensor reference (salt bridge) and buffered electrolyte solution can prevent sensor replacements, saving time and money. Our SD7500 Series features a combination sensor output; these differential pH sensors can be used with any conventional pH/ORP transmitter.
    • Differential measurement technology with solution ground
    • Buffered electrolyte reference resists fouling
    • Compatible with any conventional pH/ORP transmitter
    • Easy and infrequent maintenance
    • Automatic temperature compensation
    • Two Year limited Warranty
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  • glass pH electrode
    Applications such as environmental and wastewater sampling involve some uncertainty about what samples may contain. When dealing with unknown or unpredictable sample types, you need an electrode you can trust to deliver accurate measurements regardless of the contaminants you encounter. The SG2000CD has a double junction reference design to prevent reference fouling by heavy metals and other sample contaminants. With a chemically inert glass body, this electrode can be safely used in the widest range of chemical environments.
    • Accurate measurements across full pH scale (0-14)
    • Maximum chemical compatibility
    • Low maintenance sealed gel reference
    • Compatible with any meter accepting BNC
    • Booted BNC protects meter connection
    • One year limited warranty
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  • Pipe mount kit
    The LPMA-002 is an accessory kit that allows pipe-mounting of the LPM100 loop-powered display meter. The LPM100 is a durable, loop-powered process meter for use in demanding applications. This rugged, large display meter can be mounted in various configurations and endure harsh environmental conditions. Simple installation and operation make it an ideal solution for process read out monitoring.
    • Durable for harsh environmental conditions
    • Simple set up and operation
    • User-friendly interface
    • Compatible with Sensorex 4-20mA output sensors
    • One year limited warranty
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  • 4-20mA display
    The LPM100 is a durable, loop-powered 4-20mA display for use in process monitoring applications. Monitor various parameters, including UV transmittance, free chlorine, dissolved oxygen, and more. This large display meter can be mounted in various configurations - including pipe mounting with our pipe mount kit. Simple installation and operation make it an ideal solution for process read out monitoring.
    • Compatible with Sensorex 4-20mA output sensors
    • Durable for harsh environmental conditions
    • Simple set up and operation
    • User-friendly interface
    • One year limited warranty
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  • chlorine dioxide maintenance kit
    Keep your chlorine dioxide amperometric sensors running for extended lifetime and improved accuracy using this chlorine dioxide maintenance kit. Compatible with CLD Series Chlorine Dioxide Amperometric Sensors. This kit includes:
    • (1) replacement membrane cap
    • (1) replacement pressure relief band
    • (2) 30mL bottles of electrolyte refill solution
    • (2) 10mL syringes
    • (3) polishing squares
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