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  • orp calibration solution
    Use this pre-mixed ORP calibration solution for verifying and calibrating ORP sensors.The solution standard is 228mV and is widely used for ORP sensor calibration. Supplied in a pint (16oz) bottle with long term stability.
    • Simple calibration of ORP sensors to known standard
    • Fast response time with all ORP sensors
    • No mixing required - solution is pre-mixed and instantly ready for use
    • One year shelf life guaranteed
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  • replacement pH sensor cartridge
    Our S8000 series of pH deliver the most reliable online pH monitoring in a unique, modular package that minimizes total cost of ownership. These sensor cartridges can be changed in a few seconds with no tools or re-wiring required. Extended sensor lifetime with ERP Reference System.
    • Reliable performance in demanding applications
    • Lightning fast sensor changes with no tools required
    • Extended sensor lifetime
    • All mounting hardware is reuseable. Only replace the quick-change sensor cartridge
    • One year limited warranty
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  • 4-20mA pH Transmitter
    Our TX100 is a fully-featured pH/ORP transmitter for use with pH and ORP sensors. The large display shows pH/ORP value simultaneously with temperature. Versatile mounting options for wall, panel, DIN rail or pipe mount.
    • Reliable pH/ORP monitoring
    • Simple sensor calibration
    • Automatic sensor maintenance alerts
    • Compatible with a wide variety of Sensorex pH/ORP sensors
    • One year limited warranty
    Note: Transmitter is only compatible with sensors with tinned leads.
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  • ORP probe for measuring ORP online
    Moderately contaminated water, such as industrial source water or natural water resources, may contain chemicals and debris that damage ORP probe components. Continuous monitoring in these types of applications requires a durable and low maintenance ORP probe. Our S272 series of ORP probes feature a double junction design to protect the reference cell from contamination by sample components that interact with silver. The flat measurement surface is self-cleaning and resists breakage, for minimal maintenance.
    • Reliable performance in demanding applications
    • Extended sensor lifetime
    • Versatile design for submersion or in-line mounting
    • One year limited warranty
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  • ATC cable assembly
    The 855 is a shielded, low-noise cable assembly for our S8000 series pH and ORP sensors with Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC). This ATC cable assembly has 3/4" NPT thread for inline or submersion installations. Click this link for our shielded, low-noise cable assembly without temperature compensation (S853).
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  • Conductivity Probe Sensor
    Used for Laboratory and Light Industrial Applications: Cell constants are made from graphite to provide good performance for the value. Configurable to Meet Your Exact Needs: 
    • Select from our options below for a quick delivery or fill out the contact us form at the bottom for a custom product!
    • Choose your cell constant, temperature compensation, cable lengths, and connectors
    Multiple Use Cases
    • Submerge in a tank or mount in-line in a pipe.
    • Compatible with Sensorex's CM1000 and most portable/bench-top meters
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  • sensor cartridge housing
    Sensor cartridge housing for use with S8000 series pH and ORP electrodes. Available with integrated automatic temperature compensation and solution ground. Reduce operating costs of pH sensors by using the modular S8000 platform - only the sensor cartridge must be replaced. For use in submersion or in-line installations.
    • Modular design lowers overall pH sensor cost
    • Easy installation
    • Solution ground available for eliminating measurement errors caused by reference ground potentials
    • Compatible with all Sensorex S8000 Series pH and ORP sensor cartridges
    • One year limited warranty
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  • Ideal for Heavy Duty Applications
    • Made from 316 Stainless Steel and PEEK
    • Robust single body design
    Multiple cell constants. temperature/pressure ratings and insertion lengths
    • 2 options for cell constants: 0.1/cm and 1.0/cm
    • 3 options of increasing temperature and pressure ratings
    • 2 options for insertion lengths: standard and extended
    Ultra-high temperature version ideal for boiler applications
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  • inline pH probe

    S8300 Modular pH Sensor

    In heavily contaminated wastewater or chemical processing applications, an inline pH probe typically wears out fast. Constantly replacing an inline pH probe can feel like a waste of time and money. We created our modular, quick disconnect S8000 sensor packages for these types of heavy duty industrial applications. The sensor can be replaced in a few seconds with no tools or re-wiring required by swapping the S8000CD Quick Change Replacement Cartridge. Reuse the cable assembly and other mounting hardware for a low cost of ownership.
    • Recommended for challenging water and wastewater applications
    • Uses direct 4-20mA analog or MODBUS/RS485 digital output signal to integrate with a PLC or other control system
    • Fast sensor changes with no tools required
    • Reusable cable and mounting hardware
    • Low total cost of ownership
    • One year limited warranty
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  • ph buffer

    pH Buffer Solutions

    Sensorex pH buffer solutions are used for calibration of pH sensors. pH buffer kit contains 3 color coded pH buffer values of (red) 4.01. (Yellow) 7.00 and (blue) 10.00. Order as a 3-pack or individual bottles.
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  • conductivity calibration solution
    Our TDS / Conductivity Calibration Standards are prepared to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) primary solutions standards. Both Mixed Salts and Single Salt solutions are available. A NIST certificate is also available for a nominal charge. Solutions are supplied in quart bottles (946 ml) and are ready for immediate use. Both the TDS and the conductivity values are listed on the label. Shelf life is guaranteed for a year, and each solution is supplied with a MSDS sheet.
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  • S653 Cable Assembly
    With threading for submersion mounting, the S653 Cable Assembly is the perfect complement to our S651CD Submersible Electrode series. This cable assembly is designed to submerge the electrode in tanks, flumes and sewer lines. The cost-effective CPVC construction is well suited for most water and wastewater applications. Pairing the S653 Cable Assembly with an S651CD series Electrodes allows for quick electrode changes, drastically reducing downtime due to maintenance.
    • Use with one of our S651CD series Electrodes for quick and easy maintenance
    • Threading design for fast and simple installation
    • Durable CPVC design is suitable for most applications
    • One year limited warranty
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  • online process ph sensor
    Our S272 series of pH sensors deliver reliable online pH monitoring for in-line or submersion installation configuration. Extended sensor lifetime with double-junction technology. Minimal maintenance required due to flat glass measurement surface. A versatile sensor for moderate and multi-purpose applications.
    • Reliable performance in demanding applications
    • Extended sensor lifetime
    • Versatile design for submersion or in-line mounting
    • One year limited warranty
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