Sensorex direct fit Acu-trol® replacement pH and ORP sensors

The Sensorex direct fit replacements for Acu-trol® pH and ORP sensors feature more gel capacity and are constructed in superior PPS for better chemical compatibility.  The S465C for pH, S465C-ORP for ORP Platinum and S465C-ORP-Au for ORP Gold. The electrodes are designed for long service life in pool and aquatic installations at a very reasonable cost.

If you cannot find the sensor you need to replace, please contact us to determine the right Sensorex sensor for you.

Acu-trol® pH and ORP Sensors for Pools

Acu-Trol Part NumberSensorex Part NumberDescriptionHow to Order
744000260S465CpH Electrode, BNR ConnectorBuy now online
744000330S465C-ORPORP Electrode, BNR, PlatinumBuy now online
744000390S465C-ORP-AuORP Electrode, BNR, GoldBuy now online

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