Beckman/Uniloc/Rosemount Replacement Sensors

Need an Emerson Rosemount or Beckman Process or Uniloc replacement sensor fast?  The Sensorex cross reference chart for Emerson Rosemount replacement sensors helps you find a direct fit replacement fast.  If you do not see your Uniloc pH or ORP electrode, please contact us with the sensor model and cable, connector and meter/controller details. Then we will let you know what your replacement options are.   Locate the Sensorex pH or ORP replacement sensor model you need fast.

Emerson Rosemount® Process pH and ORP Sensors

Rosemount Part NumberSensorex Part NumberDescriptionHow to Order
324S245CD12mm Epoxy, Dbl JunctionContact us
381S249CD12mm Epoxy, Dbl JunctionContact us
19033S405RDReference, Dbl JunctionContact us
19034S405RDReference, Dbl JunctionContact us
19036S405RDReference, Dbl JunctionContact us

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