Sensortechnick Meinsberg Replacement Sensors

Need a Sensortechnick Meinsberg® replacement sensor fast?  The Sensorex cross reference chart for Sensortechnick Meinsberg® replacement sensors helps you find a direct fit replacement fast.  If you do not see the Sensortechnick Meinsberg® pH or ORP electrode, please contact us with the of the sensor model and cable, connector and meter/controller details. Then we will let you know what your replacement options are.   Quickly locate the Sensorex pH or ORP replacement sensor model you need.

Sensortechnick Meinsberg® Process pH and ORP Sensors

Sensortechnik Meinsberg Part NumberSensorex Part NumberDescriptionHow to Order
EGA133S224C12mm Epoxy, 13.5 Plug HeadContact us
EGA233S224CD12mm Epoxy, Dbl Junction, 13.5 Plug HeadContact us

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