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18 02, 2020

What is Stormwater and Why Is It Important?

2020-02-18T10:23:21-08:00By |Environmental|

Stormwater is any kind of water that comes from ice or snow melt as well as standard precipitation. This water will either remain on impervious surfaces like rooftops and pavement or soak into the exposed soil beneath. While it's possible for stormwater to evaporate on an impervious surface, it typically flows down to some other [...]

11 02, 2020

Free Chlorine vs Total Chlorine: What’s the Difference?

2020-02-13T15:12:14-08:00By |Environmental|

Chlorine is a standard chemical element that's oftentimes used to provide people all over the world with clean drinking water. The reason that chlorine is highly effective and important for water quality monitoring is because it's able to kill bacteria via a chemical reaction. Whether you're treating your swimming pool or work in a water [...]

4 02, 2020

How Does Groundwater Become Contaminated?

2020-02-05T18:14:16-08:00By |Wastewater|

Groundwater refers to any water that's found underground within the many spaces and cracks in landscapes of rock, soil, and sand. The water moves through aquifers in the ground, which occur when gravel, sandstone, and other materials exist in large spaces. The connected spaces of these materials make them permeable, which ensures the smooth flow [...]

28 01, 2020

Water Quality Association: Programs, Resources, and Services

2020-02-05T18:14:17-08:00By |Environmental|

The quality of water is important in any environment because animals and humans require water to live while plants and trees require it to grow. Clean and pure water is essential if you want to properly maintain your health and well-being. Water is also used for cleaning, doing laundry, cooking, and bathing. Without clean water, [...]

14 01, 2020

How to Identify, Treat, and Prevent Pool Algae

2020-01-27T14:45:47-08:00By |Swimming Pool & Spa|

Algae is a unique plant form that's comprised of a single cell. It uses the process of photosynthesis to create its own food, which means that it can continue to grow and develop solely by having access to sunlight. Because of how tiny these plants can be, you won't notice them in your pool until [...]

7 01, 2020

How Does a Geothermal Heat Pump Work?

2020-01-27T14:45:47-08:00By |Industrial Water Treatment|

A geothermal heat pump is a kind of central heating or cooling system that is able to transfer heat directly to and from the ground. There are many different types of geothermal heat pumps that can be used by a home or business, all of which are designed to provide clean and quiet heating and/or [...]

30 12, 2019

What is Salinity and How Is It Measured?

2020-01-27T14:45:48-08:00By |Swimming Pool & Spa|

Salinity refers to the saltiness of a body of water. For instance, the ocean has high salinity. Salt can be introduced to water in one of three ways, which include natural salinity, secondary salinity, and tertiary salinity. Understanding the salinity of water is important when you want to maintain the right chemistry in a body [...]

24 12, 2019

How Does Ballast Water Affect the Environment?

2020-01-27T14:45:48-08:00By |Wastewater|

Ballast water is necessary for the optimal operation of ships. When a ship heads out into the open waters, ballast water provides the ship with stability as well as the capacity to effectively maneuver in the water. It's also necessary for loading and unloading items and cargo from the ship in question. This water is [...]

17 12, 2019

Using the Best Pool Shock Chemical

2020-01-27T14:45:49-08:00By |Swimming Pool & Spa|

A pool shock treatment occurs when an oxidant is introduced to the water in a pool, which helps to get rid of electrons in many different contaminants. When electrons are directly removed from contaminants in pool water, all pathogens, algae, and chloramines within the water are destroyed, which ensures that the pool water is effectively [...]