Dissolved Oxygen (DO)

What is Dissolved Oxygen (DO)?

Dissolved Oxygen (DO) is the amount of oxygen dissolved in a unit of water. Oxygen gets into water by: diffusing within the surrounding air, aeration (turbulent movement), and as a waste product from plants through photosynthesis.

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Why is Dissolved Oxygen Measurement Necessary?

For aquaculture, if the DO level falls too low then the fish will suffocate as a consequence. In a sewage treatment plant, bacteria will decompose the solids. If the DO level is too low, then the bacteria will die and the decomposition will cease; if the DO level is too high, then the energy will be wasted through the aeration of the water. In industrial applications, including boilers, the make-up water must have low DO levels in order to avoid corrosion and boiler scale build up. Monitoring dissolved oxygen content is essential for ensuring process efficiency, because boiler scale build up inhibits heat transfer. A high DO level in water improves the taste of drinking water. However, high DO levels will increase corrosion in water plumbing and transport lines.

Fish farming and aquatic environment health

Live fish transport

Wastewater treatment

Industrial make up waters

Corrosion control

Dissolved Oxygen

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