Conductivity (EC)

What is Conductivity?

Conductivity is an expression of the ability of a solution to conduct electric current. It is expressed as a microsiemen (micro-Siemens per centimeter or µS/cm) or in higher conductivity levels as a millisiemen. It is also the reciprocal of resistivity.

Some industries such as water treatment have adopted a measurement expressed as TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). TDS is approximated with conductivity using a multiple factor and is expressed in parts per million (ppm).

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Custom Conductivity / TDS Sensor Design & Manufacturing

Designing a new water treatment product? We can help. Sensorex specializes in the design and manufacture of custom water analysis sensors for our OEM partners. Collaborate with our expert team of engineers and chemists to design a conductivity sensor that meets the needs of your system. Body size and shape, materials of construction, measurement range, cable length, connector type and other features can be adjusted to fit your application requirements.


Our extensive line of conductivity and TDS products provide options for almost any application.

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Popular ProductsSensorex Conductivity Best Sellers

CS150 – Graphite Contacting Conductivity Sensor, 12 mm

Used for Laboratory and Light Industrial Applications: Cells are made from graphite to provide good performance for the value. Choose…

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TDS / Conductivity Calibration Standards

TDS/Conductivity instruments and sensors must be calibrated together. For a single-point calibration, select the one solution that approximates the expected…

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CS200 – Contacting Conductivity Sensor, 12 mm Platinum

The CS200 12 mm Platinum Contacting Sensor is ideally suited for laboratory or light industrial process applications. It can be…

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CS650 – Conductivity Sensor, Stainless Steel

The Sensorex CS650 Stainless Steel Conductivity Sensor is a general purpose sensor to be used in a variety of benign…

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EM802-EC – Smart Conductivity Modules (4-20mA or MODBUS/RS485) for S8000 Series

The EM802-EC is our most cost-effective solution for connecting our S8000 series Contacting Conductivity sensors to a PLC or SCADA…

Add to Cart | $314.60

TCSMA – Conductivity Transmitter, Toroidal

Our TCSMA online toroidal conductivity transmitter without display is built for water treatment monitoring and aggressive process chemical applications. Ideally…

Add to Cart | $984.40

CX10 – Conductivity Transmitter, 4-20mA

The CX10 is a convenient and cost effective solution for monitoring conductivity or resistivity of water. Save space in your…

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TCS3020 – General Purpose Noryl Toroidal Conductivity Sensor

Sensorex's TCS3020 General Purpose Noryl Toroidal Conductivity Sensor is designed to be resistant to corrosion, coating, and fouling. Sensor measures…

Add to Cart | $633.20


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