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14 12, 2020

Primary Contributing Factors to California’s Water Usage

2020-12-14T13:46:28-08:00By |Agriculture and Farming|

To understand how much water is used in California, it should first be mentioned that there are three primary sectors where water is shared within the state. These sectors include environmental, agricultural, and urban. Around half of the water that's used in California is for environmental purposes. Nearly 40 percent of water use occurs for [...]

7 12, 2020

Benefits and Advantages of Hydroponic Farming Over Traditional Agriculture

2020-12-08T10:47:24-08:00By |Hydroponics|

While there are many different methods of farming, among the most popular in today's world is hydroponic farming, which is a unique farming technique that's considered to be advantageous when compared to traditional agriculture. Hydroponic systems are distinct in that they don't use soil and are based entirely on water. Because of the many issues [...]

1 12, 2020

Why You Should Consider a Natural Swimming Pool

2020-12-01T09:07:03-08:00By |Swimming Pool & Spa|

Swimming pools are the perfect amenities to have installed in your home. They can provide you and your family with a place to relax while also adding an ample amount of value to your home. While most homeowners opt for standard above-ground or in-ground swimming pools, an increasingly popular type of swimming pool is a [...]

23 11, 2020

Vertical Farming and How it’s Revolutionizing Agriculture

2020-11-23T22:44:24-08:00By |Agriculture and Farming|

As a result of urbanization and industrial development, the total amount of arable lands that are suitable for farming has been significantly reduced. It's believed that over 33 percent of arable lands across the world have been lost in the past four decades. The reduction in arable lands means that farmers and agricultural organizations must [...]

17 11, 2020

The Importance of Dissolved Oxygen in Water and Water Systems

2020-11-17T11:13:33-08:00By |Industrial Water Treatment|

A key component of water is the amount of dissolved oxygen that's in the water, which plays an important role in everything from the quality of water to the livelihood of plants and animals. Dissolved oxygen refers to the total amount of oxygen currently present in the water. Bodies of water obtain oxygen from two [...]

10 11, 2020

Facts to Understand about Lead In Water

2020-11-10T08:25:54-08:00By |Industrial Wastewater|

There are a wide range of substances and chemicals that can get into water and degrade its overall quality. One such substance is lead, which is a kind of heavy metal that naturally occurs within the earth's crust. Even though lead is useful in a variety of situations and applications, it's toxic to animals and [...]

2 11, 2020

Water Pressure Regulators: Use & Function

2020-11-02T23:02:54-08:00By |Water Measurement Tips & Tricks|

2When you're washing dishes in your sink or taking a shower, the water pressure should be relatively high if you want to complete these tasks without issue. With low water pressure, washing dishes or taking a shower can be difficult and time-consuming. The same is true for the processes that occur in an industrial setting. [...]

26 10, 2020

Cleaning and Maintaining a Septic Tank

2020-10-26T18:05:28-07:00By |Wastewater|

A septic tank is a large container that's buried underground and is used for the purpose of treating wastewater that flows out from a home. These tanks are typically made from fiberglass, plastic, or concrete. Over a period of time, sludge and scum layers will build up within the tank at a rate that's faster [...]

19 10, 2020

What is an Ion Exchange System and How Does it Work?

2020-10-22T12:55:14-07:00By |Water Measurement Tips & Tricks|

Treating water is a process that involves removing various types of contaminants from the water that your home is using or your industrial plant requires. When you're attempting to treat water, there are numerous techniques and methods that can be used to filter the water and effectively remove contaminants. One such treatment involves the use [...]

12 10, 2020

What To Look for when Searching for the Best Reverse Osmosis System

2020-10-12T18:48:17-07:00By |Aquaculture|

  Whether you work in a wastewater treatment plant or are searching for the ideal water filtration system for your home, filtering your water is important if you want to get rid of contaminants that could cause health issues and damage important systems and appliances. Among the most powerful water filtration systems is the reverse [...]