Glass pH Electrodes

The right sensor makes the difference.

Choosing a pH electrode that is well-suited for your application will improve measurement accuracy and extend electrode lifetime. Glass pH electrodes offer the greatest chemical compatibility, making them a safe choice for aggressive or unknown chemical samples.


Reliable and Easy to Use

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pH glass electrode


Great for Hydroponics, Indoor Gardening, and Aquariums

Recommended for Student Use

Standard Sensor Lifetime

60⁰ C Maximum Temperature


Versatile for Difficult Sample Types

Bulb or flat surface designs. Click either image to learn more.

electrode used in pH meter


Recommended for Environmental and Wastewater Sample Testing

Flat Tip Model for Surface Measurements and Sludges

Extended Sensor Lifetime

80⁰ C Maximum Temperature

Research Grade

Our Most Sensitive Glass pH Electrode

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electrode of pH meter


Best for Low Ionic Samples, Including Drinking Water

Best for Applications with Frequent Temperature Changes

Maximum Sensor Lifetime

100⁰ C Maximum Temperature

Already know what features you need? Compare the technical specifications of our glass pH electrodes

Specifications for Glass pH Sensors

Can’t find the part number you’re searching for? Some of our glass pH electrodes recently got an update.

Part Number Equivalents Guide

Looking for something more durable than a glass pH electrode? Try our polymer body pH electrodes!

Polymer Body pH Electrodes


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