Product Description

Chlorine exists in different chemical forms in solution, including free chlorine (hypochlorite ion and hypochlorous acid) and combined chlorine. Free chlorine is the only form that can perform disinfection, so knowing free chlorine concentration is critical for applications like water and wastewater treatment. FCL free chlorine sensors from Sensorex provide a direct measurement of free chlorine in parts per million (ppm). Using field tested amperometric technology, our FCL sensors perform continuous monitoring without any additional reagents. With a direct 4-20mA output, the FCL sensors can be used with any instrument accepting a 4-20mA input or connected directly to a PLC or SCADA.

  • Reliable amperometric sensor technology: Easily monitor free chlorine (ppm) without using reagents
  • Real time continuous measurement: Simple process control with direct 4-20 output
  • Integrated automatic temperature compensation: Onboard compensation for changes in temperature to derive output signal
  • Maximum sensor lifetime: Large electrolyte reservoir with easily replaceable membrane caps & fill solution
  • One year limited warranty: We stand behind all our products with the Sensorex Guarantee

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