Introducing the Power of IoT to Liquid Analysis

Modular Sensors

Modular sensors are ideally suited to reduce the environmental footprint. These probes include a sensor cartridge, electronics module, and a cable assembly. For pH & ORP, there is an electrode adapter with an option for built-in ATC. Once the sensor cartridge reaches the end of life, it can be swapped out for a new one, while keeping the other components in place.

Integrated Sensors

Integrated sensors are a perfect solution for quick replacements! Sensorex offers several major measurements with integrated designs. These measurements include pH/ORP, toroidal conductivity, free chlorine, chlorine dioxide, and dissolved oxygen (galvanic and optical). Integrated sensors are easy to install and replace at end of life.

Modular Sensor Calibration

Modular sensors use the Calibration Adapter (S857 Cable) shown below. This cable directly interfaces between the sensor and a PC via USB.

Calibration Adapter for Modbus Sensors

Integrated Sensor Calibration

Integrated sensors use the Calibration Box (CALBOX – MB) shown below. The wires from the sensors are connected to the calibration box. The cable on its side allows the box to connect to a PC via USB. Calibration box is not needed for the ODO 8000/9000.

Calibration Box for Modbus Sensors

  • Reduced Installation Costs
  • Reduced Wiring
  • Fewer Points of Failures
  • Digital communication – Modbus and 4-20 mA Output
  • Multiple process variables: liquid analysis variable (pH/ORP, conductivity, etc), temperature, and more
  • Calibration history
  • Diagnostics
  • Web based software
  • Modbus address
  • Baud rate
  • Operating mode
  • Temperature coefficient
  • Threaded connection
  • Contoured body for improved grip
  • Simple Cabling – no home run wiring

Sensorex Smart Sensors Control Software

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