Sensorex Smart Sensors

Digital Water Drop

Skip the Transmitter. Take sensor outputs directly to your PLC.

Smart sensor with builtin communications

Simplify Installation No Transmitter Required

Sensorex Smart Sensors are a robust, small footprint solution: great for saving space in a panel. These versatile sensors feature open protocol digital (MODBUS) communications or analog (4-20mA), giving you the flexibility to build customized systems without being locked in to one manufacturer’s instrumentation.

Diagnostic data stored on Sensorex Smart Sensor

Increased Confidence in Your Readings Modbus data provides diagnostics

MODBUS enabled smart sensors can store valuable data, like the part number and date of manufacture, making this information more readily available. Output calibration history and impedance values can be output, providing sensor health diagnostics.

Free Sofware to program Sensorex smart sensors

Quick Configuration Free Sensorex Software

Sensorex Smart Sensors are easy to configure using our free software. They can be pre-calibrated at your facility, eliminating the need to calibrate in the field.

Complete Modular Sensors

Modular smart sensors are a perfect solution for quick replacements! Sensor cartridge, electrode holder, electronics module, and cable assembly are all individually replaceable saving costs when the sensors or other module comes to end of life. Sensorex offers modular sensors in pH/ORP and contacting conductivity. Integrated sensors are easy to install and replace at end of life.

Modular pH Sensor Components

Modular Conductivity Components

Integrated Sensors

Integrated sensors provide a cost effective way to add smart technology! Sensorex offers several major measurements with integrated designs. These measurements include pH/ORP, toroidal conductivity, free chlorine, chlorine dioxide, and dissolved oxygen (galvanic and optical). Integrated sensors are designed to fit common installation hardware for easy replacement at end of life.

Accessories For All Smart Sensors

Sensorex Smart Sensors Control Software

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